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    October 14, 2020

    Were you aware that it wow classic gold would take approximately a month to get a single mythical at the start, even with extremelyheavy play?Can you overlook the soft-cap, and how they whined about a soft-cap present?Additionally, you couldn't pick the leggowith currency until BfA pre-patch. The most you can do before then was purchase another leggo roster for a specific class.A MONTH?Have you actually played Legion? Since you definitely don't understand what you are discussing. We had been top 50 at Kazzak EUthrough Legion and that I did not unsub a single day through it, so I'm pretty confident about what I am saying.

    77 days of EN, 77days of Telephone of Valor, 77 Days of NH, 77 Days of ToS and 77 Days later for Argus. The fixes did not happen till ToS.Therewere also legendaries that completely altered specs like at MM hunter, stat sticks weren't functioning on him and that is only acase, same was applying for numerous specs, In case you did not have those 2 you were 100% getting benched, I was fortunate enoughthough to find all my own BiS from NH.Throughout EN and NH there wasn't any way to farm legendaries, it had been almost a year in,from ToS that you had the chance to receive 2 every week in case you did every single content along with caches at Broken Shore.

    Ihad been the primary tank for the whole length of Legion and I have never seen our roster change so dramatically over a month atone time, folks were so desperate that they needed to roll several same class characters in hopes of getting BiS Legendaries.Thecurrency for legendaries was added nearly two years in the expansion.Yes I did? I dont care about what guild you were in, Iremoved all of the content aswell as a prot warrior, the garbage tank.

    Exactly what your guild has been doing is purely anecdotalconsidering we were also able to clean mythic content with buy gold wow classic eu several manhood, such as a MM hunter, using subpar leggos (I also , themajor tank having prefix Prydaz). We never had any progression issues that were solved by getting better legendaries in the raid,they were simply boons.