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Here you will find csgo betting guide

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    November 5, 2021

    Here you will find csgo betting guide
    Types of bets in CS GO.
    Betting on CS Go can be concluded in two formats:
    Bets on cs go with money. All bookmakers offer such deals. To do this, the player will need to register on the BO website, top up the deposit account and make a bet.
    Bets with skins in CS Go. Such deals are offered only by specialized platforms. Skins are items that can be obtained in the game, purchased in the Market or sold for real money. Bets on cs go items are not accepted by ordinary bookmakers. Nevertheless, they are widely in demand among players.
    Here you will find csgo betting guide
    Bets on Counter Strike, especially on major tournaments, are offered by bookmakers in a fairly wide painting. Large BO in the painting include the following types of outcomes:
    The winner of the match. Designation P1 or P2. In this case, the bet is on the victory of one or the other team.
    Handicap - it can be positive or negative. For such bets, the designation F(-1,5) is used. The numerical part indicates the handicap value. In this example, such a bet means that the selected team will win with an advantage of at least 1.5 points. When betting on underdogs, a positive handicap is often used. It is denoted, for example, as F2(+1.5). Such a bet will play if the second team wins, if 1.5 is added to its points.
    Totals. They can be cumulative or individual. Totals can be concluded on the number of rounds, the number of deaths and much more. If the player selected for the individual total bet was replaced or did not participate in the tournament, the bookmaker returns the bet amount to the user.
    Exact score - in this case, the bet will play if the betterer guessed the exact result of the meeting.