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Plasmolifting World GmbH: PRP Tubes for Plasmolifting

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    June 11, 2023

    Plasmolifting World GmbH: PRP Tubes for Plasmolifting.
    PRP therapy is a valuable treatment method for addressing injuries, wound healing acceleration, skin improvement, and combating signs of aging. Ensuring a reliable and high-quality supply of tubes for collecting and storing platelet-rich plasma is crucial before commencing the treatment process.
    Plasmolifting World GmbH offers a comprehensive range of top-notch Italian-made test tubes designed for PRP treatment. Currently, they provide two types of tubes for plasmolifting: DPRP and GenLife prp tubes
    DPRP tubes are equipped with a specialized gel separator that facilitates the separation of plasma from other blood components. On the other hand, GenLife PRP tubes feature an embedded microfilter to eliminate any residual blood or bacteria during the plasma collection process.
    These PRP tubes have already gained substantial success, having been used by over 600,000 doctors across more than 10,000,000 procedures.
    Furthermore, Plasmolifting World GmbH ensures global product delivery. A dedicated personal manager will oversee the delivery process, keeping you informed about various offers and new products, while being readily available to address any inquiries.
    Let's examine an example of using PRP tubes in a step-by-step process:
    1. Collection of the patient's blood into a designated test tube.
    2. Centrifugation of the blood to isolate the platelet-rich plasma.
    3. Separation of the plasma from the remaining blood components.
    4. Introduction of the obtained platelet-rich plasma (PRP) into the targeted injury zone.
    The PRP tubes offered by Plasmolifting World GmbH serve as reliable and safe tools for achieving optimal results in wound treatment, injury recovery, and skin enhancement. If you aspire to incorporate only the finest products into your practice, Plasmolifting World GmbH is the ideal choice.